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Our Aquanique support team is available to answer your questions and to purchase spare parts.

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Spare Parts

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Underwater filter UF 3000Link to the PDF


Spare filter sponge suitable Set Underwaterfilter UF 3000Link to the PDF
71649UVC clarifier PC UVC 9 WLink to the PDF

71642 (71638)

 Fountain pump FP 750 (i)Link to the PDF
71643 (71639) Fountain pump FP 1000 (i)Link to the PDF

71644 (71640)

 Fountain pump FP 1500 (i)Link to the PDF
76292 (76113) Fountain pump FP 200 (i)Link to the PDF

71641 (71637)

 Fountain pump FP 450 (i)Link to the PDF
71647Pond and garden light PGL Set 1 LEDLink to the PDF


Pond and garden light PGL Set 3 LEDLink to the PDF
71646Underwater aerator UA 1200 LEDLink to the PDF