Who we are and what we stand for

Water as living element

We help you bring this element
into your home

We see water as a living element. Life can have its ups and downs so we think that it is important to create balance. Water can help to create a peaceful haven and a relaxing oasis. It can have a meditative effect and help us to rediscover our focus.

Yet water can also be inspiring and invigorating; it can encourage a zest for life and sense of fun. Aquanique offers a wide range of products to help you benefit from all of these characteristics in your home. You can use our products to create your very own source of inspiration and tranquillity both inside your home and outside in the garden or on the balcony, in the smallest possible corner or in spacious grounds.

Clever products with intelligent features

All-in-one solutions and
options for variation

Before the sales launch, Aquanique products undergo multiple, sometimes lengthy tests to ensure that they ultimately fulfil the appropriate quality standard.

Clever solutions and combinations are key characteristics of our product range — our sophisticated all-in-one products allow even beginners to quickly and easily create their own personal oasis of well-being, without having to buy a large selection of different products.

Good value for money

Good value for money

Good products at a good price — this is what Aquanique aims to offer. We sell our products at a fair price to enable everyone to experience the fascination of water. Everyone has the right to experience a personal oasis of peace and should also be able to create one for themselves. This is easy to achieve with Aquanique products!