Indoor pumps

FP 450i fountain pump

It’s easy to set up creative water features, indoor fountains and more. The FP 450i fountain pump is a compact yet powerful pump for indoor use. Thanks to its durable design, this pump is ideal for circulating, conveying and transporting water.

  • A powerful and durable pump for water features or indoor fountains.
  • Ideal for circulating, conveying and transporting water.
  • For indoor use in water features, indoor fountains or aquariums.
  • Water flow rate can be adjusted using the rotary switch knob.
Dimensions 6,6 x 4,4 x 5,3 cm
Watt 6 W
V/Hz 230 V / 50 Hz
Flow rate 450 l/h
Max. water column 90 cm
Pressure-side connection 13 mm
Plug & cable Shock-proof plug with a cable length of 1.5 m

Caution: The indoor models are not suitable for outdoor use! Indoor fountain pumps are indicated with the “i” designation. You will find appropriate models for the garden in our “Fountain pumps” series.

Included in the scope of delivery: pump, two adapters for connecting to hoses