Pond Filter, UVC Clarifier & Aerator

PC UVC 9W pond clarifier

Easy cleaning: The PC UVC 9W pond clarifier reliably eliminates floating algae and efficiently reduces bacteria and germs to ensure that your pond stays clear!
The ability to visually check the UVC lamp makes this device quick and easy to maintain. The function of the lamp can be checked simply by looking at the housing, meaning that there is no need to open the product

  • The UVC output is 9 W, making this pond clarifier suitable for ponds of up to 10,000 l or 10 m³.
  • Visual function checking: Easily see from a glance if the UVC is still operational
  • The UVC clarifier already contains a UVC lamp.
Dimensions 34,5 x 15,0 x 11,0 cm
UVC output 9 W
Power consumption, W 12 W
Suitable for ponds up to 10.000 l
Flow rate max. 2.000 l/h
Cable length
3 m
Maximum operating pressure 0,5 bar
Connections 3/4″, 1″, 1 1/4″, 1 1/2″

Included in the scope of delivery: UVC clarifier, UVC lamp