Pond Filter, UVC Clarifier & Aerator

FTF 5000 – 8000 Filter foam black

The filter foam ensures that your pond remains clean and clear.
The replacement sponge FTF 5000 – 8000 filter foam black is suitable for use in the Aquanique flow-through pond filter FTF 5000 as well as Aquanique flow-through pond filter FTF 8000. With the dimensions 26 x 19 x 10 cm, it can also be used in other filters.

Also suitable for the Söll THOR T5 and THOR T10 filters.

  • 1 replacement sponge BLACK / COARSE for the filter Aquanique flow-through pond filter FTF 5000 and FTF 8000.
  • Contains 1 rectangular, coarse-pored filter sponge in braided heart design for extra long throughput times for coarse dirt (black)
  • To completely replace the sponges in the flow-through pond filter, the following is required: Flow-through pond filter FTF 5000 = 1x blue + 1x black, Flow-through pond filter FTF 8000 = 2x blue + 1x black.
  • Change the filter sponges annually for optimum filter performance
  • Occasionally, the filter sponges can be easily cleaned in untreated water to remove coarse dirt. However, each cleaning also removes bacteria that filter the water and break down suspended matter. Therefore, the sponge should not be sterile after cleaning.
  • 1 Filter mat black / coarse 260 x 190 x 100 mm
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