Pond Pumps & Fountain Pumps

FP 1000 fountain pump

It’s easy to set up creative water features, decorative fountains and more. The FP 1000 fountain pump is a compact yet powerful pump for outdoor use. Thanks to its durable design, this pump is ideal for circulating, conveying and transporting water.

  • A powerful and durable pump for water features or decorative fountains.
  • Ideal for circulating, conveying and transporting water.
  • For outdoor use in water features, decorative fountains or pebble fountains.
  • Suitable for use in ponds thanks to the 10-m cable.
  • Water flow rate can be adjusted using the rotary switch knob.
Dimensions 9,0 x 5,8 x 7,3 cm
Watt 18 W
V/Hz 230 V / 50 Hz
Flow rate 900 l/h
Max. water column 150 cm
Installation type can be installed immersed and dry
Pressure-side connection 13,5 mm
Plug & cable Shock-proof plug with a cable length of 10 m

Included in the scope of delivery: pump, two adapters for connecting to hoses